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Great Hair. Fair Pricing.

Most of us have been there. You look up the price of a haircut ahead of time, but you’re greeted with a bill that’s higher than you expected due to small tacked-on charges. This is an issue that we wanted to get rid of altogether, so we did something about it. Imagine a salon that billed you based on time and offered the same skill and quality for everyone who walked in the door. Imagine your final price being given and guaranteed before your service even started. Now stop imagining, because that’s exactly what we offer.

A few months ago, we implemented a new pricing structure that can be described in two words: fair and equitable. Basically, we’ve made set prices for services a thing of the past. Standard cuts can take largely different amounts of time depending on the client, as is the case with coloring and styling. The main factor in these cases is time. Since you can’t possibly provide fair pricing by billing everyone the same amount, we simply charge for the amount of time it takes to complete your service. You’ll not only be paying based on time, but you’ll be receiving the same quality of service no matter which stylist is doing your hair. Each stylist receives the same training, and we are all able to perform the same service in the same amount of time.

Another point that has seen more debate lately is the huge difference in pricing between male and female haircuts. We are happy to provide a pricing structure that addresses this, since you’ll be billed based on what’s growing on your head and nothing else! Heck, if we offered service to animals, cats, dogs, mice, and even camels could expect the same treatment! It wouldn’t make sense to charge men and women differently at a massage parlor, so why do it here? In addition, we will tell you what the price of your service is before you even sit in the chair. If we take longer than expected, we will still honor the price we gave you. We want you to feel at home here, and that won’t happen if we break your trust.

We are one of a growing number of salons to offer this pricing structure, and we hope it makes clients believe in us. Not everything in life is fair, but our prices are. So come to our studio today, and we’ll get you set up with a plan to make your hair the best it can be without scary surprises at the checkout counter.