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More Than a Renovation– A Transformation!

If you’ve ever renovated your home, you know that it’s a process. Even throwing a coat of paint on the walls can add a layer of temporary mayhem to your home’s peace and tranquility right? But when you have a vision for a space, and you can really see it in your mind’s eye, you’re willing to deal with any temporary disruptions in routine because you know it will all be worth it in the end.

Over at Natural Fusion Hair Studio, we feel you! For the past few months, we’ve been working on realigning our interior space to better support our vision. That means we’re not just adding a coat of paint to the walls; we’re updating them with a more natural, eco-friendly finish (low VOC paint – volatile organic compounds) in more saturated (I’m not familiar with this term related to paint/color, so I don’t know if this word is right) shades that are more in keeping with who we are. We’re thrilled with the way the additional sunlight from our newly renovated windows, combined with our new interior lighting (designed specifically for hair salons), adds depth and warmth to our work spaces. It’s been fun to add things like a picture rail to make the space feel even more home-like. And we can’t wait for you to see the custom-built wooden bench and check-out counter!

We like to think we’re doing more than a renovation– it’s a transformation. Creating something brand new means a lot of moving parts– and our project has been no exception. If you’ve been in to see us recently, the first thing you may have noticed was the black plastic tents over the windows in the front two rooms– a bit of an inconvenience, but we continued to work in those rooms with no problems. During this stage, the checkout desk was still in the reception area and we set up one station and our retail products display in the cut room.

For about three weeks, all four stylists worked in the middle room only. It was a little cozier than we’re used to, but our staff is more like an eclectic little family than a group of co-workers. Even in the closer quarters, they continued to work hard to provide every client with exceptional service and an outstanding experience. They were amazing! And speaking of “amazing,” our clients were, too! They stepped up just like family would, too– coming in through the back room and the washroom. Everyone has been excited about the work going on and seemed happy to do their part to help the process go smoothly.

In the next phase, we moved all the stations into the front room, while the contractor continued to work on windows in the middle room.  Now, all the windows are done, and our space is back together again!  All that’s left are the finishing touches like new fixtures and furniture– and that’s the really fun part!  We plan to have it all done by our Grand Reveal Celebration on October 17th, 5:00 – 7:00pm.  Please plan to join us!

Thanks for bearing with as we’ve turned things upside down during our transformation. We’re so excited to see this reimagined space take shape– one that will support the vision we have for how we want you to feel when you step through our doors even better.  We can’t wait to share it with you– stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Grand Reveal Celebration!