Earl Pindar

hair studio owner earl

Say hi to the founder of our wonderful studio, Earl! He boasts fifteen years as a national artistic educator, and he’s spent twice that time behind the chair! His pursuit of education and learning new trends is a never-ending endeavor that he loves!

Earl came from the faraway land of California with his wife Kelly and opened Natural Fusion in what is now his home of Frederick. Since then, he has used his kickass knowledge of cosmetology to mentor all the stylists who have joined our family over the years.

When Earl is down, he lets nature lift him up. He loves nothing more than enjoying the great outdoors with his beloved dogs. It may be this love of nature that spawned his woodworking hobby! If we were stuck on an island, he hopes he would at least have his hair brush with him so he could keep his luxurious locks in order. Or maybe he would opt for a massive container of Frosted Flakes, his favorite cereal. But Earl loves nature, so would he really hate to be stranded on an island?