Susan Fitzpatrick

susan the stylist

We’ve got an overachiever here! Susan, a graduate of the Temple: a Paul Mitchell Partner School, has more certifications than any average mortal, from MAC to Kevin Murphy, and continues to pursue education. She’s had the honor of working backstage during New York Fashion Week. If you have a challenging style request, she’s happy to take it on. Just show her a picture of the do and she’ll knock your socks off (your hair will still be there, though).

Outside of the studio, Susan loves goofing around with her daughter. If stuck on an island, she would be sure to bring an endless supply of shampoo. I mean, who wants to be rescued looking like an abandoned mop? Her favorite cereal is Ohs, and she loves using mason jars for pretty much everything. We call her the Jarmaster… or at least we should.