Great Expectations

In addition to enhancing your hair, we share time with you and develop a mutual trust. So rather than just asking “What’ll it be today?”, we want to get to know you while we provide an inspiration for your hair. We want you as a whole – not just the top of your head – to have an experience.

We’re in it for the long haul. It would be easy to offer a haircut and some friendly banter, but we want you to have more than that. We want to offer you a vision and direction for current and future visits, and lay out a plan to get your hair looking its absolute best. We want you to be informed and comfortable with our plan for you. So let’s get this adventure rolling!

The Flow of Your Visit

Expect a warm welcome when you walk through our doors. We’ll provide you with a refreshing beverage and even show you around if you’re new to our home! This is just a taste of the Fusion Hospitality. When we get down to business, we’ll talk about your goals and get the ball rolling!

As for where the magic happens, we have spaces to suit your needs! For coloring, our Color Room has a full color bar on display, so you can watch as we handcraft your personalized, ammonia-and-PPD-free color formula. Enjoy a friendly conversation or an engrossing book while we go to work.

For washing, you’ll get one of our famous Fusion Washes. This is the real deal! We choose from our entire line of Kevin Murphy products to best match your needs. Sit back, and enjoy a head massage that will leave your head healthy and clean.

And we’ll flex another set of amazing skills in our Cut & Style Room. As your stylists works, you’ll be informed about what is being done and how to care for and maintain it once you go out into the world. Have a challenge for styling? Let us know, and we’ll set you up for success. Kevin Murphy products are a great and easy way to enhance or switch up a style. By the end of your service, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to maintain your new style, because our cuts are designed to last!

Whether you need a cut, color, style, or wash, you’ll get a healthy dose of Fusion Magic!

Hair and Only Hair

A jack of all trades is a master of none, which is why our sole focus is on hair. We want to be the best at making sure your hair needs are met with perfection. The stylists here are taught by world-renowned experts, and attend regular learning events to make sure our cutting and coloring services are top-notch.

But the real foundation of our expertise is Earl, the Hair Whisperer. One glance at your hair, and he will know how to unlock its potential. This ability emboldens us to hone our knowledge and craft to be as sharp as our scissors.

Our Pledge to You

At Natural Fusion, you’ll feel appreciated, valued, and heard. Our price is based solely on the actual time of your service, so it is always equitable and fair. We will lend our ears and expertise to plan a look that will inspire you, and others too! We encourage you to experience each of our stylists. Everyone is qualified to provide services, but we all have different personalities and styles. Just like a family! We take responsibility for your hair and will set clear and realistic expectations to help you reach your goals. We aim to be the best part of your day and we’ll rock your hair!