Feel-Good Atmosphere

We’re a hair studio with a focus on kickin’ ass and shapin’ manes. Our stylists are a family that works together to make sure you walk out the door with an unforgettable experience in your memory. We want you to be able to see whichever stylist you want at any time for any reason. The service that works best for you is the service you’ll get. In short, we work as a whole to support you, no matter what your hair needs!

Kelly Earl Hair Salon

Location: Great Stuff by Paul

We Stand Out From The Crowd

We affect the lives of both clients and stylists while working to protect the environment through our products and studio practices.

Earl and Kelly, the Fusion Founders

What do you get when you cross a hairdresser with an environmental scientist? You get the pair that started this great family (a natural fusion, if you will)! Earl & Kelly met in Monterey, California and decided to take a road trip across the country to lay down their roots. It was filled with detours, adventures, and time to dream up a vision of what their life would look like. That vision turned out to be opening an environmentally friendly hair salon that provides great services as well as a home for career stylists. So when their coast-to-coast journey came to an end in Kelly’s hometown of Frederick, MD, they realized their dream and opened Natural Fusion. The studio has come a long way since Earl was the only stylist and Kelly’s mom was the only client, and we continue to grow like a healthy head of hair!

Our Team