Join Our Team!

Do you want to be part of a family that has the best clients ever?
Then our studio could be your new home!

Though we aren’t currently hiring, getting to know each other never hurts! We would love to sit down with potential employees, because you never know what the future holds!

Who are we, you ask? We’re an eclectic family of hair professionals, and family is everything! Our tight-knit nature allows us to not only provide great hair service to our clients, but to make sure coming to the studio is an occasion for them every time.

Our studio is a home away from home: Everyone who walks through our front door, family or friend, will feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe here. It’s an escape from the stress of the world and a haven where people can get hair care that isn’t harmful to them or the environment.

Our family members support and motivate one another to go beyond just being qualified. We make each other the best in the business by helping each other through thick and thin.

We look for greatness: The Fusion Family wants qualified stylists with skill and motivation that even a meteor can’t budge. If there is something to be learned, you’ll learn it and put it to use. When you’re finished with a client, they won’t just have hair on their head. They’ll have a marble sculpture (not actual marble, because that would be heavy). In short, a new family member will be able to turn a skeptic into a believer. Have you got the chops to make the cut?

What We Offer You

As a new family member, you’ll get a few months’ worth of top-notch training and come out of it ready to take on whatever hairy situations the world throws at you. And don’t worry, because we will be throwing all of our support behind you to make sure every client walks out the door with a fabulous memorable experience.

In addition, being a member of our family means you will reap these enviable rewards:

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  • Paid Time Off
  • Unpaid Sick Leave
  • Disability insurance
  • Hourly wage – no commission
  • Ongoing education
  • Clear professional growth path
  • Ability to earn bonuses
  • Tools are provided (except shears)

What you will offer us: It’s expected that you will accept training and guidance from all of your new family members. You’ll venture outside of your comfort zone to provide the Natural Fusion-level service that our clients know we (and in turn, you) are capable of. We can’t wait to see how awesome you can be!

Our Hiring Process

We’re eager to welcome a new member of the family! We don’t hire without knowing the person who will be joining us, so let’s get acquainted through these hiring stages!

We know waiting to hear back about a job can be stressful, to say the least, so we will keep in touch with you via email throughout the process… unless you gave the wrong email.


Submit a completed copy of our online application with your resume. Oh, and please double check that your contact information is accurate.


Attend an introductory interview at Natural Fusion Hair Studio, so we can meet face-to-face.


Watch and learn! Join our team for a day to see how we work and what we’re all about.


Bring in a model so you can show us your stuff!