Join Our Team!

Working for Natural Fusion is not just a job. It’s an opportunity for talented stylists who want to be a part of something innovative and different to find satisfying, lifelong careers.

We’re hiring! We are ready to deliver on our main goal: to be the best part of our clients’ day–every day, every time. Scroll down to learn more!

Do you struggle to budget because your take-home pay is different every week?
We’ll pay you for every hour you work (plus the tips you earn) so your weekly paycheck is stable and predictable.

Do you love to do hair…but the rest? Not so much?
Stylists who work in a typical salon setting are basically self-employed…and there are a lot of moving parts when running your own business! At Natural Fusion, you can concentrate on doing what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Are you tired of the “get ‘em in/get ‘em out” approach?
Of course you are! As a creative professional, you understand that it takes time to get to know your client’s hair– what they want it to be and how you’re going to help them get there. We have shaped our client experience to allow you to do just that. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to be your clients’ partner in achieving their long-term hair goals instead of a revolving chair of temporary fixes?

Have you ever felt that there must be a better way to price services?
No one likes telling a client what they owe after services are complete, especially when you’re pretty sure they’re not ready for it. So we came up with a different way to do it. At Natural Fusion, clients are told what their services will cost after the stylist sees their hair and learns what they want. The cost is based on how long the services will take you to do. If the service takes an hour to complete, the client pays for one hour.

Would you like to be part of a team that’s truly supportive and helpful?
It’s easy to fall behind on busy days. At Natural Fusion, you will always have people who are ready to step in and help you catch up– no stress!

Does the idea of working for a common goal appeal to you?
Being the best part of our customers’ day– every day, every time– is our team’s shared goal. Having that common goal means we collaborate fully. We communicate. Share tips and trade secrets readily. And step in whenever, wherever we’re needed. Your success is everyone’s success.

The Fusion Team Culture

Working for Natural Fusion is not just a job.

As a member of our team, you’ll enjoy an infrastructure that provides you with financial stability and benefits while you concentrate on doing what you love: great technical work, providing an excellent customer experience, and developing long-term relationships with clients and colleagues. You’ll enjoy being a part of a supportive, collaborative team that respects one another through honest feedback. And you’ll see how great it feels to use high-end eco-friendly haircare products that protect the planet.

Join us and help deliver on our goal to be the best part of our clients’ days– every day, every time!