Happy People, Happy Planet

At Natural Fusion, our creative professionals work as a team with a common goal: to be the best part of our clients’ days– every day, every time– by providing superior services and an exceptional experience. Doing that makes us happy– and we know that makes you happy, too.

Call us crazy, but we don’t want to slowly kill the planet in the process of creating all this happiness. But unfortunately, the beauty industry isn’t known for being kind to the environment. Manufacturing processes can be harmful, producing products filled with hazardous chemicals and other toxic ingredients. We were compelled to find a solution to this problem, and that solution was Kevin Murphy and his products. He focuses on safe ingredients, including ammonia-free color, and prioritizes the use of reclaimed ocean plastics in all his packaging.

Kevin Murphy products

We Back Up Our Claims With Action!

As a Green Circle Salon, we do even more to help minimize our carbon footprint. You can see our commitment in the details, including:

  • Our 95% recycling rate, including regular education events around local best practices. 
  • A recirculating water pump that puts every drop to good use.
  • LED lighting to cut down on our energy usage.
  • Non-toxic, concentrated cleaners.
  • Reusable coffee pots and reusable cups. Down with the single-use K-cups!
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • Native plant garden in our backyard.