Happy People, Happy Planet

Hairing is caring! While hair is the foundation of this family, we also place a heavy emphasis on positively impacting the lives of everyone around us. We do this by fostering an environment of, simply put, awesomeness. And just as we want our family to be happy, your satisfaction is a priority as well. We treat you like people and make sure your visit is the best part of your day!

But with great hair comes great responsibility. Call us crazy, but we don’t want to slowly kill your hair, or the planet. Unfortunately, the beauty industry isn’t known for being kind to the environment. Manufacturing processes are harmful and the end products can have toxic ingredients in them. We were compelled to find a solution to this problem, and that solution was Kevin Murphy and his products. He focuses on safe ingredients and prioritizes the use of reclaimed ocean plastics.

We Back Up Our Claims With Action!

  • Being a member of Green Circle Salons, we are able to recycle almost 95% of our waste.
  • We have regular education events around recycling requirements so we always know our stuff!
  • We have a recirculating water pump, so every drop is put to good use.
  • We use LED lighting to cut down on that pesky energy usage.
  • Non-toxic, concentrated cleaners are in, and we are hip.
  • We are caf-fiends, and we need our coffee. So we use reusable cups and a real coffee pot. Down with the K-cups!
  • Our heating and cooling systems are energy efficient, and we maintain a cute little native plant garden.
  • Airborne contaminants aren’t welcome ‘round these parts, so we use color that is ammonia-and-PPD-free!