Our Pledge to You

At Natural Fusion, you’ll feel welcomed, valued, and heard. Our price is based solely on the actual time of your service, so it is always equitable and fair. We will lend our ears and expertise to plan a look that will inspire you, and others too! We encourage you to experience each of our stylists. Everyone is qualified to provide services, but we all have different personalities and styles. Just like a family! We take responsibility for your hair and will set clear and realistic expectations to help you reach your goals. We aim to be the best part of your day and we’ll rock your hair!

Our Pledge to Each Other

Teamwork is the path to success.  As a team member at Natural Fusion Hair Studio I promise to treat you with honesty, integrity and respect while being the best part of your day.  Clients come first and if the time and talent is available, we will accommodate their needs. I will anticipate the needs of others and remain coachable to support our team’s success, come hell or high water.