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Meet the founders of the Fusion Experience!

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What do you get when you cross a hair stylist with an environmental scientist?

You get the pair that started this innovative hair studio!

A natural fusion of talents and personalities, Earl Pindar and Kelly Chapin met in Monterey, California. Eventually, they set off on a road trip across the country to think about what they wanted their life together to look like. That trip, filled with detours and adventures, gave them time to dream up the vision that would one day become Natural Fusion Hair Studio– an environmentally friendly hair salon that provides great services and a home for career stylists.

So when their coast-to-coast journey came to an end in Kelly’s hometown of Frederick, MD, they set about realizing their dream. Natural Fusion Hair Studio has grown and evolved considerably since first opening its doors in October of 2007, but its commitment to being the best part of each client’s day– every day, every time– has never wavered.

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